discover the freshest air

on earth.

untouched. untamed. untainted. welcome to the 60th parallel south, home to the purest, most pristine air on the planet. it’s here, off the coast of Antarctica, that we source inspiration for every Below 60° fragrance from sensorially rich essential oils and natural ingredients to exhilarating custom blends.

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reach new levels of clean 100% natural

no synthetic fragrances. no artificial dyes. no questionable formulas. just unparalleled, all-natural scents for the cleanest, purest, freshest air above the 60th parallel.

mother nature in all her power

nothing synthetic, artificial, sneaky or toxic. when you up-level your home fragrance to Below 60°, you find the freshest, cleanest, purest air possible without leaving the house.

discreet design, disruptive scents

we want to captivate your senses, not catch your eye. our chic, sleek diffuser makes maximum fragrance impact with a minimalist design that works in any room without distraction.

inspire new memories

the connection between scent and our purest, most potent memories is proven by science. we blend each fragrance profile using notes that evoke your most uplifting, cherished experiences.

home is where

the heart is

Home is more than my happy place. It’s the spark that creates my most cherished memories, the source of inspiration for my biggest dreams, the walls that hold my true loves and the only space I want to be at the end of every day, no matter how crazy and chaotic life can be

Because our home is my family’s anchor, I’m beyond conscious about the products we use. And as an entrepreneur and co-founder of Below 60°, I get to be as intentional, mindful and resourceful for your home as I am for mine.

That’s why we go to the ends of the earth (literally) to create beautifully unique fragrances using natural, responsibly sourced ingredients that leave you feeling happier. We package those scents into mix-and-match cartridges that pop right into a sleek fragrance device designed to fit your space, your style, your life.

What fragrance will be yours? My personal fav is if citrus were a feeling, but I really do love them all. I’m so excited for you to try them and come on this new adventure with me. 🪶🌿🍊 🌬🏔🪵


Hilary Duff